How to Get Started

At Elancemart it is easy to purchase anything. There are a few simple steps that will help you to get anything from us. If you follow these steps you won’t get stuck anywhere.

Step 1: Choosing a Services / Item

Choose Service

Open and go to the highlighted places for better navigation.

Step 2: Click On item for more details

Adding items


Step 3: Add to cart and Move to checkout Page

Add To Cart

Coupon add

In the Green Box, you can fill any coupon code for discounts.

Step 4: Fill Out Details

Checkout Details

Fill all the details:

  1. Email: Your Registered Email
  2. Name Field: Fill your Profile Name
  3. Profile/URL/Email: This is related to delivery. According to service, you need to provide Profile, URL or the email for delivery.
  4. Country: Fill your Country
  5. Town: Fill your town
  6. Additional note: If you need to convey anything along with the order, you can write it here.

That’s it all folks. Now rest and we will complete your order. You can reach out to us on chat. We will be available live from 19:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs (IST).