PHP Web Development (Full Backend)

This service will provide you with a full-fledged Backend running on PHP for your website.

Various feasible functionality will be added as per discussion. Though if you want to have a single-page website with PHP functionality check here.

Benefits You will Get with this Service

1. A complete Web Solution Based for your basic Business.

2. You will have a Free Domain and Free Hosting for a year to have your business sorted.

For your reference, you can also go for Search Engine Optimization Services that will help you to boost your Online Business.

Note: We only provide free themes with the Website, in case if you need a premium theme we can arrange that but it will cost extra.

What is PHP Development?

PHP programming is a tool which is widely used for a scripting language for dynamic and interactive web pages. It brings a change and effectiveness in the development of a website in the competitive world. This language is generally used for website and web application development.

Why do we recommend PHP for development projects?


Using PHP language can satisfy the needs of our clients in terms of compatibility, supportive database management, improve functionality, reliability, etc. With the help of PHP scripting language, the management of CMS applications is made complex.


PHP web applications and websites are quite easy to understand which is the best part. The simplicity and seamless functionality make it easy to operate for the users.


It runs on multiple leading operating systems such as Windows, Mac, OSX, Linux. It also supports major web servers like Apache, IIS etc. This PHP feature helps to save more time and effort.

Effective Development

As PHP offers faster processing speed, developed websites and apps in PHP have faster-loading speed and automatically workloads the server. It is proved versatile and compatible with developing any kind of website and apps.


PHP gives high security against threats which makes it more beneficial to use. Therefore, it is highly protected and secure when it comes to the safety aspects

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